About Pacific Learning Center


Welcome to PLC where you can experience heaven on earth. A full primary rainforest elevates from the coast like a gigantic wall that surrounds the beach and keeps this place isolated and untouched from the chaotic world. Friendly fishermen families and warm waters all year long await you in Coyote.



Mission and Vision Statements

PLC's mission is to offer everyone a unique experiential learning experience of Spanish in a secluded tropical beach setting. 


PLC's vision for students is that they continue to set and achieve new learning goals after leaving PLC, that they have a new appreciation for cultural connections, and that they maintain the relationships that were developed in their new Costa Rican community. 


Administration & Teaching Staff

Mary Dunton:

Mary is the administrator of the Pacific Learning Center and Hospitality House in San Miguel, Costa Rica. She comes with 20 years of teaching experience as well as 4 years in professional development for teachers, and 4 years of teaching at Boise State University's College of Education. She received her BA in English from Stanford University and her MAT in Teaching from the University of Alaska.


Carlos Quesada:

With over 30 years experience in language instruction and teacher training, Carlos' philosophy is to allow students to self-discover how they feel best in learning a new language. Since 1993, Carlos has worked in North Africa and the Middle East as a language school director. He has developed and designed curriculum for various languages and has opened community development centers. He uses a personally designed curriculum for Spanish Language learners and he has used Face to Face, Interchange, New Headway, New English File, and Listening and Speaking curriculums throughout the years when teaching English. Carlos is language proficient in Spanish, Portuguese, English, French, and Arabic.